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The Kinetic Retail Display Platform

Converge is creating a whole new category of kinetic retail displays by combining the tactile gratification of in-store shopping with a content-rich online experience. The Converge platform emulates the way a consumer would typically research products online, bringing that experience to the aisle of a retail store.

Reduce showrooming by giving your customers the information they want, when they want it

The Converge platform lets customers explore, compare and configure products in-aisle using videos, reviews, expanded content and product offerings beyond what’s available in-store. Customers can then transfer information to their mobile device to make an immediate purchase in-aisle or take home for further consideration.

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Extend the buyer journey seamlessly from online to in-store 


Augment a limited staff and reduce wait time for customers 


Deliver a rich shopping experience without taking extra space 


Put the power of Information the customer’s hand


Retarget customers based on their in-store search history


Digital analytics for the real world in-store shopping experience


Display all available inventory, even if its not on the shelf


Customer can send info to their phone via email, text or app


Update content on the tablet anytime quickly and easily

For retailers and brands who need to educate or explain complex products, features or models, CONVERGE: Discover lets customers explore information about a product or brand, connected products, differing models, ecosystems and more.

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For retailers who carry multiple brands across one category, CONVERGE: Compare gives customers the ability to compare multiple products or brands against another and also see available models and colors that may not be on display in the store.

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For products or services that require customers to make choices or to input their information for a quote, CONVERGE: Configure walks customers through every option, step-by-step, to create their ideal product.

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