Zero Mentions of Omnichannel - LIVE at NRF 2018

4 Shoutouts

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  • June 20: a next generation kiosk platform for in-store product comparison.

  • It provides a window into products and reviews through a tablet platform right in the store.

  • They've created a tablet system on a rail that allows you to slide the tablet along the product display.

  • It uses a camera and sensor to identify products to show you more detail: you can see videos, see reviews, see product features. You can even send yourself a text message through it and buy it online.

  • It's a next level platform experience for a natural left to right timeline walkthrough for in-store experiences. Just like you would online, you can do a convenient personalized walkthrough in store.

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  • Skip to minute 41:45 to hear all about June20
Paul Chapuis