June20 is an entrepreneurial group of scrappy start-up types driven by the vision to develop a revolutionary new technology platform for retail displays. This platform unites the in-store and on-line customer experience via personalized interaction and rich curated content to provide valuable, visible, game-changing data for brandsand retailers. The technology can be embedded in any retail display to change the way a customer experiences the products and services a retailer has to offer. 



Put the fun back into shopping. Complicated products can now be brought to life and explored via videos, photos and expanded content on key features, benefits and specifications. 


The dynamic, intuitive, and interactive tool can be moved in front of an item on display for the customer to experience both the physical product AND all its related, expanded digital content simultaneously. 


Shoppers can interact with products as they tell their story, and then make easy comparisons across a category of items.


Consumers have the ability to send links for all the information they see directly to their own trusted devices with one click.


Choose to make an immediate purchase of an in-stock item while in the store, or take the experience and information with them on their own device, buy the item when ready, and ship the product directly to their home.