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Don't Disrupt the Shopping Experience... Enhance It

Converge brings products to life with content-rich media, curated specifically for the in-store shopping experience. Customers can see how-to videos, instructions, consumer reviews, product configurations and additional purchase suggestions. Don’t make your customers pull out their mobile phone while standing in your store...give them everything they need to buy confidently. 

How It Works

Modular Design

Tablet sits in an enclosure connected to a patented rail system. The tablet slides right to left, mimicking the natural search behavior customers use when shopping in-aisle

Physical Search

When the customer slides the tablet in front of a product in the display, the tablet "sees" the product and displays information

Digital Navigation

Customers can scroll or navigate through content much like they would when researching a product online, without having to type in the actual query

Phone Connect

Customers can send the product information on the tablet to their phone for immediate purchase, schedule, consultation or review

CMS For Retail

The content on the tablet can be updated quickly and easily at any time using a CMS. Converge makes it easy to keep the experience fresh.

Explore information about a product or brand, product line, connected products, differing models, ecosystems, and more.

Best for:
For products that require a little extra education or explanation because of differing models, features or complexity.

Compare products across a category, and see available models or colors that are not on display in the store.

Best for:
For product categories with many different brand options that customers can choose from.

Walks the customer through every option of a confgurable product or service.

Best for:
For retailers with a limited footprint who carry products with multiple con gurable options.


CONVERGE on Mobile

Customers can transfer information from the tablet to their mobile device by entering a phone number or email, or directly through the retailer’s mobile app. They can then complete the purchase, schedule delivery, installation or a consultation from the retailer’s app or website.


CONVERGE Analytics

Converge tracks the amount of time spent on each product at the SKU level, the options they explore, the content they view most and the information customers send to their phone. Connect search history to an individual customer for targeted follow-up marketing.

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** The Converge system is protected by U.S. Patent No. 10,013,901. Further U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending